Hot Sobe
Gourmet Pizza & Pasta

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Hot Sobe Gourmet Pizza & Pasta is a local pizza shop located in the heart of sunny South Beach Miami. The owner of the business wanted to elevate their online presence, and at the same time increase sales via the website and social media.

The idea behind this project was to keep the look and feel of the website the same as the actual pizza shop and have a full and updated menu for clients to quickly find on the website. A mixture of easy to navigate UI and vibrant photos were a must in order to stimulate the user into picking up the phone and placing an order. The use of the Instagram feed was also a nice touch so that the owner can easily snap photos of their delicious creations via Instagram and automatically be posted on the website.


The goal was to develop a website designed to capture a true Italian pizza shop while still maintaining functionality and attracting new visitors.

Brand Image

The idea was to capture what Hot Sobe Gourmet Pizza & Pasta was all about by simply taking a quick glimpse at the logo.
With the pizza slice shape, Colosseum, and the classic Italian colors, we were able to do just that.


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