Designer & Front-end Developer | Atlanta, GA

I’m Emiliano Borzelli a passionate Front-end Developer & Visual Designer with several years of experience, starting from the concept up to the final result. I'm based in Atlanta, GA currently working at LMI as a lead Front-end Developer.

I specialize in graphic design, web development, print, and brand identity

I create beautiful, usable, professional websites using best practice accessibility and the latest web standards guidelines, resulting in semantic and seo friendly experiences. commercial experience in front-end development to produce high-quality websites and exceptional user experience.

I Specialize in:

I have gained a lot of experience designing and building many responsive websites with a special attantion to custom WordPress developemnt, gulp task runner, and Advanced Custom Fields when appropriate. I have developed a personal approach to testing different solutions that has brought me to design mostly in the browser.

My interests in many different fields has helped me to stay curious, open and flexible. These attributes have been essential in the concepting of digital ideas.

A key area of focus in my design process is to ensure the best interaction for each situation to guide the user in their digital journey, as this is essential in creating engaging and effective experiences.


An effective discovery helps to establish trust with customers and increase conversions and effectiveness.

Ideas & Design

More than just aesthetics, design is what makes things feel right. User experience is key to the success of any endeavor.


In a world flooded with new devices, your product or service must be ready to work wherever your audience demands.

Launch & Support

Test, Fix, Repeat. Once all the details are covered, we hard-test every website before it's released in the wild.